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After 20 years of military service and 18 years of marriage, Jodi Jordan and Andrew Marulis decided to act on their long-term dream. They wished to bring their CrossFit goals to New Orleans, a city they first saw on their honeymoon and have been in love with ever since.

"What we did may look risky from the outside, but think about this," Andy says. "Isn’t it just as risky to not follow your dreams? Are you willing to risk dying without ever knowing if you could have made them come true?"
They packed up the car, moved to New Orleans, and opened CrossFit Algiers in 2014. Lifelong fitness buffs, competitive bodybuilders and CrossFit fanatics, their unique approach to CrossFit has made the Westbank of New Orleans a little better, brighter and fitter than it’s ever been.

CrossFit Algiers is known for its fun, welcoming atmosphere, "tough but fair" training, sparkling clean facility, and passionate coaching that draws the inner athlete out of anyone, young or old. With a focus on safety above all else, Algiers’ talented coaches incorporate mobility and recovery into every workout.

"I love CrossFit because it makes you better, not just physically, but mentally," Jodi says. "We want to help other people get those benefits, the bravery and fortitude it teaches."


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"My son turned 13 last March and started Crossfit with me. Working out together has been a great family experience but CFA has provided the best environment for my new teen athlete. They’re very supportive and mindful of the special challenges faced by their teen athletes and are always promoting a safe but challenging workout for them! I love that he loves it as much as I do!"

Farrah B.
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"I love this gym!! Great people, great atmosphere. The coaches are awesome and very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend this gym to anyone who has an interest in CrossFit. Great for all levels from the beginner to the elite."

Joynell B.
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"CFA is a place like no other. It consists entirely of individuals who are as committed to you reaching your goals as you are. The CFA family welcomed me with open arms when I showed up on their doorstep, and even though I realized it wasn't for me, they still love on me from afar. Couldn't hand pick a better place to start your life change."

NaKailah S.