From Zero to 1700+ CrossFit Workouts Done

Thursday, August 12, 2021 - 12:43

By Melissa Breaux

CrossFit Level 2 Coach, 

CrossFit Algiers

Consistency: The achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time. 

Woman doing a deadlift

I started CrossFit over 6 years ago. Since then, I've logged over 1700 classes, averaging out to be about 283 classes each year, 5.4 classes per week. I guess at this point, you could say the habit cemented in my brain. There is no place I would rather be at 5:15 in the morning than with my CrossFit Algiers family working hard and sweating. 

One thing you can always guarantee in life is that things will change. Either you can move forward consistently, or you can continue to not reach your full potential. In 2015, I was a single mom with an 8-year-old living with my parents after my divorce. Now, I bought my second home 3 years ago, and my daughter just started her freshmen year.

When I started, I would sleep in my clothes so I had no excuses in the morning. Now, I am usually up before my alarm goes off. I love the way consistently working out first thing in the morning fuels my day. Consistency helped me develop that mental and physical toughness to tackle obstacles I find in my workday and my personal life. It has given me the mindset that I was always looking for but couldn’t figure out how to get there. 

I have seen the changes in my physical appearance. I have definition I always wanted to achieve but could never figure out. I can do things now, like lift heavy shit or do a handstand that I never dreamed I would be doing at 40-something years old. Consistency got me to where I am today, and it helps me to maintain the habit. 

I have shown my daughter what an exercise routine looks like. It doesn’t mean you workout for 6 months and then quit. It’s an ongoing goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am always looking at what’s the next goal or test I want to give myself to see how far I have come. I get that at CrossFit Algiers, it’s a daily test of your mental and physical toughness. If you are ready to make the lifestyle change, and get a healthy workout routine, sign up for a free trial today.