Working out isn't everything

Sunday, June 3, 2018 - 06:56
by Jodi Lynn Jordan

CF-L2 trainer & owner, CrossFit Algiers

Working out isn't everything.

Not in life, and not at CrossFit Algiers. You guys absolutely smash your training, and our coaches know how to get you the results you never even thought were possible.

But that's just part of what you're part of here.

Our mission at CrossFit Algiers is Building Better People. That is way too lofty a goal to be encompassed in just run times or back squat PRs. You are training to be a better member of your community, a better leader, a better spouse or parent. The mental toughness and strong relationships you're developing transfer to every aspect of your life,

Just this month, we've seen how our community can come together in a time of need. Together, we raised more than $900 to help a beloved member who lost her husband suddenly. That's a big commitment from a small gym, and it shows your heart.

You've spent time together outside the gym, at our community events and on your own - and building those kind of connections are proven to be as good as exercise for extending your life and your happiness.

We've got a mindfullness seminar coming up. You can't train the body without also training the mind, and we want to give you all the tools to do that.

The coaching staff is growing and learning every week. I know they inspire you with their athletic performances, and I wish you could see how much they inspire me by always trying to perfect their coaching craft to help you guys. Did you know they spend every Saturday morning working on being better coaches? And that's above and beyond their own CrossFit training - not something you see in most gyms.

You shared your love of fitness with your friends for free, bringing them out and cheering them on at our Bring A Friend event. That spark and inspiration could be what ignites a whole new life for your buddies.

These are just a few examples of how we're striving toward our CrossFit Algiers vision - to be the best damn gym in New Orleans. It's not only about equipment and times on the whiteboard, although you can count on those being top-notch, too. I'm so proud of you all for growing and making this community what it is, inside and outside of the gym.