CrossFit Algiers Health, Safety and Cleanliness Standard

Friday, May 29, 2020 - 10:23

The CrossFit Algiers Standard

We go above and beyond what’s required to ensure your health and safety at CrossFit Algiers. We have researched and implemented the best practices for cleanliness and safety so you can feel confident coming to our gym.

Cleaning Protocols

In addition to existing continuous cleaning protocols, we have added a disinfecting process after all classes. From floors, to doorknobs to equipment, we use mechanical spray technology to deliver OSHA pathogen standard disinfectant that is effective for human coronavirus and other pathogens to surfaces. Athletes will also clean all equipment after use, and we provide individual EPA-approved cleaning supplies to all athletes.

Health Checks

Athletes and coaches must be tested for fever with a contactless thermometer to be admitted to class. Anyone with a temperature of over 100 degrees fahrenheit will not be admitted.

Personal Protective Equipment

Staff members wear personal protective equipment during class, and athletes must wear masks upon entry and throughout the workout as they are able.

Limited Class Size and Maximum Personal Distancing
Classes must be booked in advance, and class sizes are strictly enforced to allow for appropriate distancing.