Finding and Keeping Your Workout Motivation

Monday, July 19, 2021 - 13:19

Finding and Keeping Your Workout Motivation - Part 1


How come some people are able to stick to a workout program long term, and some of us get stuck in a vicious start-quit-restart cycle?

There are a few things that the long-termers have in common. I'm going to break these steps down in a series of blog posts to help you stick to your workout regimen, too. Part 1 is all about you and what motivates you.

Step 1: Figure out your "Why?"

Why do you want to spend the time and money and energy to workout? What need will committing to a program fill for you?

There aren't any wrong answers. In general, the "why" is either an intrinsic or extrinsic motivator. 

Intrinsic motivation means when you're doing something because of some internal reason unique to you. For working out, some intrinsic motivators might be:

- You like the way it makes you feel to move your body and get stronger

- You want to test your discipline and abilities

- You believe in your value and the value of spending time on your health

Extrinsic motivation means you're doing something because of a reward  you receive from an external source or to avoid a punishment from an external source. For working out, some extrinsic motivators might be:

- You fear the consequences of not taking care of your health

- You want to change your body to impress or attract others

- You want to workout to compete and do well in a race or other athletic event

Both types of motivation are powerful, and neither is "better" than the other. I've seen people motivated by a lot of different things. The important step is figuring out YOUR "why." Knowing why you're willing to do something that's not easy will help you start and keep doing it. There's no better place to get started than CrossFit Algiers. Sign up for a free class - it could be what changes everything for you.

Comment with your WHY, and look for Part 2 - Figuring Out Your "What?" soon!