Part 2 - Finding and Keeping Your Workout Motivation

Monday, July 19, 2021 - 19:31

Part 2 - How to Find and Keep Your Workout Motivation

How come some people are able to stick to a workout program long term, and some of us get stuck in a vicious start-quit-restart cycle?

There are a few things that the long-termers have in common. I'm going to break these steps down in a series of blog posts to help you stick to your workout regimen, too. Part 2 is all about finding your "What?" What do you want to get out of your workout?


Your "what" means your goals - what do you want your results to be? The answer I hear most often is "I just want to get fitter," followed closely by "I want to tone up."

Those are NOT the kind of goals that get results. Goals that get results are:

Specific - If it's a weight loss goal, then decide on a number of pounds or ending weight. If it's a strength goal, decide on what you want to be able to DO after training for a while. If it's a run time or a dress size ... you get it. Pick something that is real and then make sure it's ...

Measurable - How are you going to check to see if you're getting close to your goal? Can you figure out touchpoints along the way - tape measurements, bench press weights, distance you can run - what can you TRACK to see if you're getting fitter? What gets measured gets managed. And while you're measuring, make sure your goal is ...

Time Constrained - So you want to lose ten pounds ... WHEN? By the time you're 50? In the next six months? If you don't set a deadline for your goals, you can end up wavering around for ages. Setting deadlines, even if it's for small goals on the way to your big one, sets you up for success.

Your WHAT is what keeps you going. Get really clear on the "what", and then, set yourself up for success with the most important, actionable ways you can get there - coming up in Part 3.

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